"The East Raynham Bell Tower"

A charity registered in England, No.1082149.

Patron: Lord Craig of Radley, Chairman: Mr.James Hickman, Secretary: Viscountess Raynham, Treasurer: Ms Francoise Walker.

Your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

Please send your check, in US$ and made payable to:

The Townsend Society of America

107 East Main Street,

Oyster Bay,

Long Island,

New York 11771


Their Director is Dick Ryan at

To reserve a particular item to gift, you can email us in England now on:

or call +44 1328 701818.

We will check that it is available and secure it as your personal gift to thr East Raynham Bell Tower.

Please send your check, name and all address details to The Townshend Society of America

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