For which the East Raynham Bell Tower is enormously grateful


After five years of dedicated work, and with the very generous financial support of funds, foundations, friends and relations from around the world, it has been possible to cast and hang the five new bells and build the Ringing Gallery; the bright new 'ring of eight' now makes the church in the Park at Raynham Hall sound like a Cathedral!

We now wish to continue with the most visible and dramatic phase -

The Gallery Balustrade.

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Left, temporary front, now. Centre, a design sketch for the Balustrade and Right, the Vestry, where Her Majesty listened to the ringers, under the scaffolding before the gallery floor was built!

Ruth Blackman, the architect throughout the project and designer of the Balustrade, has been careful to consider the fine stained glass West Window, which must be able to be seen through the Balustrade from the nave of the church. Therefore, the finely carved oak will allow clear lines of sight, much the same as the vestry screen below.

Decoration will include carved heraldic beasts, emblems, restrained gilding and appropriate hand painted colours. Permissions have been sought and obtained from the church authorities and the county planning authorities so work can begin just as soon as the funds are available. This, the most visible and important work to be carried out in the church for 150 years, needs to be properly done. It will not be rushed but we should begin as soon as we can to maintain momentum and to complete the work started by the 5th Marquis Townshend in the 1860's.

Please do help us to raise the money for this most important part of the work.

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An overall design view of the oak carved Balustrade, above the Vestry, with the West Window beyond.

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You can eMAIL Lord Raynham personally for any help or advice, at his address: raynham@townshend.org

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