Her Majesty The Queen

at St.Mary's East Raynham Church

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This copy of a page from the East Raynham Belltower visitors' book
records a visit in July 2002 by

Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty came privately to Raynham and saw a Quarter Peal being rung at St.Mary's Church on the new ring of eight bells, sanctified by the Bishop of Norwich at the Dedication Service attended by more than 300 visitors, donors & contributors from around the World.

Her Majesty approved the Plaque dedicating the Tenor Bell to her, in her Golden Jubilee Year.
She gave her approval for it to be placed on the wall of the new gallery which will be built with an ornate, carved and decorated oak Balustrade. Her Majesty was delighted with the architect's plans for the balustrade, and said that she looks forward to coming back to see it when completed.

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This is the first recorded visit this centuary of a reigning Monarch to the Church of St.Mary at Raynham and Her Majesty was delighted that so many Towns(h)end relations from Canada, New Zealand, Australia, South Africa, America and Norway had joined us in England for this important family enterprise.

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